A Creative Collision of Musical Chairs & the Telephone Game
26 September 2014  • at • Power Up NYC
Live Collaboration in NYC

Shuffle by Cut& Paste was a live design collaboration between 8 creatives from the agency and VFX industries on September 26, 2014. Part of HP POWER UP & with a cozy audience from the NYC community, this experiment blends a frequent swapping of digital canvases, opinions, & partners to illustrate a relationship between an object & its fans.

Shuffle NYC Designers
Devon Hong &
Kevin Weir
Will Adams &
Pedro Lavin
Flavio Vidigal &
Diego Miguel
Daniel Piwowarczyk &
Joao Lavieri

Cut&Paste invited 4 Creative Directors and 4 Concept artists from 4 VFX Houses & Agencies to make 4 Storyboards centered around the theme of Fandom. These storyboards were developed over the course of different 3 different Rounds & each rounds, designers swapped canvases and partners.

How It Works

Pre-Event: Wireframe
Collaborators created a wireframe of an Object

Round 1 at Shuffle: Add Detail to Wireframe
Artists worked together to complete the Object with color, texture, shading, etc.

Partner & Canvas Swap
Partners are swapped and new teams work on a canvas that another teams started in Round 1.

Round 2: Create Character
New Partners created a Character Fanatic who loves the Object

Power Up

This Shuffle program was a part of HP’s #POWERUP series. POWER UP was a five day celebration of NY creativity taking place at Milk Studios in New York in September of 2014. The festival hosted a broad range of creative thought leaders, inspiring each other to unlock potential, incite innovation, and showcase world-class artistry.

A Partnership between Cut&Paste and Hp