FMX attendees teamed up in pairs to design for Virtual Reality with game engines like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and the HTC Vive.

FMX, Stuttgart, Germany   |    April 26-29, 2016

Cut&Paste returned to FMX, challenging attendees to design original VR scenes in the first “Mind Meld” VR Design Contest. The theme was “Easter Eggs” and each entry contained some idea of fun, hidden secret or joke.

We teamed up with HP, Intel, Wacom and the Unreal Dev Grant program to supply high-performance HP Z Workstations, Wacom Cintiqs, and HTC Vive headsets to give FMX attendees a fresh way to experiment in VR design of scene concepts and assets using game engines Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, various 3D and 2D software. We also provided pre-made assets, animations and effects for quick-and-easy creation.

Two Contests

Grand Prizes – For each!

Scene Contest

We congratulate Jana and Ferdinand Englaender for their MC Escher-inspired VR scene. Read More about the rules >

Asset Contest

We congratulate Simon Seene for his “BB-EIGGH” easter egg concept. Read More about the rules >

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Grand Prizes

Grand Prizes – Jana, Ferdinand, and Simon each received the following courtesy of HP, Intel, and Wacom:

HP ZBook 15″
Wacom Intuos Pro

Theme: “Easter Eggs”

VR can be gaming and simulation or being transported to a different space and time. Scene makers are challenged to imagine any new VR experience and create a Scene for it that will include a surprise or easter egg for the user to discover. Asset makers are challenged to create assets that could serve as the surprise / easter egg which can be used in any contest Scene.

How It Works


Visit the Mind Meld booth

in the FMX Marketplace, and sign up with a partner. If you need a partner, we’ll introduce you!


Check Out VR Spaces & Themes.

Put on HTC Vive & see what you’ll design.


Pick a Contest:

Scene Contest – Design a VR scene with Unity or Unreal
& tons of pre-made assets.
Asset Contest – Design a 3D or 2D asset for one of the scenes.


Schedule Time Slot(s):

90 flexible minutes for scene & 30 minutes for asset.


Prize Announcement

for winning scenes & assets – Friday, 1:30PM at Mind Meld Booth.

Sign Up For a Timeslot

Sign Up Here

Contest Rules & Tools

For those who want to know all of the details, here are the do’s, dont’s:
  1. Any FMX attendee may form a team, either with a friend or matched with a partner
  2. The final output of the submission is:
    • Rendered VR executable for the HTC Vive
    • Project file with all assets
    • Written paragraph describing the concept, interactions, user flow
  3. A winning VR scene will have the following qualities:
    • Clearly design environment
    • Clear application of the Easter Egg theme
    • User flow and interactions can be expressed in the written description
  4. Teams have 90 minutes of total computer time to create a 3D VR scene.
    • Teams can sign up for 30 minutes blocks at a time and must complete their entry by Friday at 12PM.
    • Teams can work “offline” away from the Mind Meld booth to look for assets and develop their concept, but all scenes must be assembled on Mind Meld workstations
  5. Tools – teams may use any provided 3D software or game engine to compose their scenes. See the list of Tools below for what’s available.
  6. Pre-made 3D and 2D assets are allowed. Many are provided, but teams can download other assets online
  7. Animations, effects, and user movement are not required, but are allowed.
  8. Scene Contest participants can also enter the Asset Contest
  1. Any FMX attendee may form a team, either with a friend or matched with a partner
  2. The final output of the submission is:
    • Digital asset
      • 3D Asset – Source file, FBX file, and a low-res render jpg of model
      • 2D Asset – Photoshop or Illustrator file
    • Written paragraph describing the asset and how it applies to the theme
  3. Teams have 30 minutes computer time to create the asset
  4. Tools – teams may use any provided 3D or 2D software to compose their assets. See the list of Tools below for what’s available.
  5. All assets will be available for Scene teams to use in their scenes
  6. Asset Contest participants can also enter the Scene Contest
Contestants had access to the following tools:

Game engines
Unreal 4 or Unity 5

3D Software
Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Maxon Cinema 4D, Pixologic ZBrush, Modo and Blender

2D Software
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC

Scene making teams will also be equipped with HTC Vive Pre headsets courtesy of Unreal Dev Grant program for testing their scenes.

Mind Meld at FMX

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