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the project

London’s Hero is an animation project featuring six of London’s best animation studios. In collaboration with Blackmeal, Mummu, Fred & Eric, Animade, Territory, and Golden Wolf, we facilitated the studios working to tell the story of London’s newest superhero, hosted at HP’s ZED London Creative Pop-Up Space.

Behind the scenes

From 26 September to 15 October, each team worked sequentially, animating a ten-second portion of the video to each represent a different life stage – baby, child, teen, adult, midlife, senior. All clips were then stitched together.

How It Works

Opening Party
Teams plan & sketch live with an open bar & music
25 September

Animation Sessions: Daily @ ZED
Each animation team worked for 5 hours during a single session to create their clip.
26 September  &  4, 14, 15 October

Closing Party: Final Animation revealed!
Animation screening with drinks and interviews explaining how the video was made
16 October

Animation sessions
 Blackmeal – “Baby” // 26 September

“We have this baby being crapped on by a small bird, and he sees that there’s this huge bird coming over and he knows that that’s going to be a big one. He pulls out this umbrella, has a big forcefield come over, and then *pow* everything explodes.” – Mael Francois, Blackmeal

 MUMMU – “Child” // 4 October

“What we’ve enjoyed most is kind of playing with the character’s emotions – him throwing tantrums. We’d like to think by the end, he has a grasp of what he can do with this power and maybe use it as a tool with which he can implement it.” – Karl Hammond, Mummu

 Fred & Eric – “Teenager” // 14 October

“We’ve got a bit of a grumpy teenager who’s very lazy. I’m not sure, at this stage in his life, he actually is a personification of a hero. But I think even the best heroes in the world had teenage years where they didn’t actually exercise their powers that well.” – Maggie Rogers & Lee Cooper, Fred & Eric

 Animade – “Young Adult” // 14 October

“We’re going to be quite playful with the notion of him being at the height of his powers, but at the same time the arrogance that might ensue from being that powerful and sort of seeing the side of him where it’s kind of like, ‘Yeah, I saved London. Look at me partying and wooing all the ladies ;)’.”  – Ed Barrett, Animade

 Territory – “Midlife” // 15 October

“The hero is going to control time, but when he does his super move, nothing happens. It’s about diminished powers – something we wanted to push for that midlife section.” – Marti Romances, Territory

 Golden Wolf – “Senior” // 15 October

“Sometimes superheroes get a little tired of looking after everyone’s problems and want a bit of a break. He just wants to spend some time in a pub. He’s kind of using his powers slightly abusively by slowing down time so he can enjoy a pint without any of the hassle that goes with being in a pub. He’s just winding down gracefully, slightly shamefully.” – Ewen Stenhouse, Golden Wolf

Special Thanks

Studios: Thank you for lending us your teams and for wrangling the talent!
Charlie Sells and Charlotte Rose of Jelly London and Matthieu Colombel and Vincent Ben Abdellah of Blackmeal; Natalie Harvey of Mummu; Jamie Pigram of Fred & Eric; Jen Judd ofAnimade; David Sheldon-Hicks, Nick Glover, and Sam Hart of Territory; Marti Romances of Territory who – in addition to working on this collaboration – animated the video titles/credits; and Ingi Erlingsson and his team at Golden Wolf.

In addition, without these partners and friends, this project would not have happened:
James Wignall and Thiago Maia of See No Evil; Dan Oliver and Tom May of Creative Bloq; Matthew Don and Josh Feldberg of Doremus; Celia Byatt, Georgie Mackay, Dan Hughes, and WRG; George Leney and Peter of Edelman – responsible for photos, video and HP’s social media; Louisa Percy and Geoff Duggan of Porter Novelli who reached all the press covering HP ZED; Vanessa Godsal of HP; Mandy Gidda; and last but most of all Cesare Zavalloni of HP.

London’s hero partners

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