Opportunity for Professionals Through Creative Play

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Product Hackathons
Rapid Collaborative Product Design

We gather invited studios for 24 hours to support each other in designing new products. Cut&Paste hackathons involve innovation focused on hardware niches such as:

  • Electronics
  • Internet of Things
  • Transportation

New Opportunity For New Projects

We host online contests showcasing fresh products seeking publicity through outputs like crowdfunding. Entrants seek exposure, feedback, and support in advance of launching their campaigns. And of course there are prizes (think €10,000).

Joining Storytelling Forces

Animation collaborations bring top studios to collaborate in Exquisite Corpse-style formats with character-driven storytelling. We document the assembled animation and the full process.

Creative Crowd Play
Engaging Artists at Conferences & Festivals

We pose impromptu creation of character designs. 2D and 3D illustrations are created to a passing crowd of spectators throughout conferences.